HGS (HAFI GENERAL SERVICES) Home Repair Handyman provides our best workmanship and quality of work. Our best technicians are equipped with latest equipment and they are well trained. We keep them updated with latest technologies. We are well aware that clients require the best service that is the reason we guide our workmen to work elegantly and efficiently. HGS (HAFI GENERAL SERVICES) Home Repair Handyman Company has been serving the clients for last twelve years. We provide all kind of home maintenance services. If you need to maintain your villa or you wish to complete your to-do list in one visit without any hassle and worry our home repair handymen can do this job very well. Home repair seems very easy job but you cannot repair your leaking faucets, over flowing drains, electrical fittings, and many more tasks like that. In this remote life nothing is difficult or far from your approach your only job is to make one call.

We cover the below mentioned areas in home maintenance:

  • Maintenance & Installation Lift
  • Maintenance of Electrical Fittings
  • Maintenance of Plumbing Units
  • Cleaning of Water Tanks
  • Repair of Fixed Wood Works
  • Pest Control Internal and External
  • Repair of External Doors
  • Interior Exterior Painting
  • Repair of Plumbing Defects
  • Maintenance of AC units
  • Picture & Mirror Hanging
  • Sink Basin & Commode Fix
  • Door Hinges Lock Repair
  • AC Water Leak Repair
  • Repair of Masonry Work
  • Doors Painting


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