how to control termite

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How to Control Termite

Today I will tell you how to control Termite.

It is necessary to know before controlling the termite where is the termite coming from?

How to recognize Termite?

What is the food of Termite?

Termite ever comes from Ground and there are five feet below the underground colony and it creates soil tube that is why it is called soldier Termite.

Termite Food is wooden structure and it’s completely damaged the woods.
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It comes from three different types of earth.

Termite Travels by visible soil tube.

Termite Travels by Concealed wiring.

Termite Travels from the invisible Cracks on the wall.

If you want to control termite at your premises you must ask how to control termite and what is the true process of termite proofing? The answer is that you should follow this process.

Every five-foot distance will be holes with the wall. Inside the door and outside the door will be holes.

The chemicals will be pouring inside the holes and then will be the plug with the same color of marble, Tile, etc, and then all the fixed wooden structure will be sprayed. And then will give you five years warranty. If there was a problem during five years we will treat you free of coast.

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